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1.Download cramfs-1.1-1.tar.bz2 from

2. Extract the contents of cramfs-1.1-1.tar.bz2 into a directory

3. You can see cramfsck.exe and mkcramfs.exe under bin

4. You need cygwin for windows you can download and install from (if you already don’t have cygwin on your machine)

Run these tools under command prompt:

cramfsck.exe – To test and extract cram contents into any other directory

mkcramfs.exe – To create a new .cram file


Extract Contents:

c:\cramfs\bin>cramfsck -x c:\cram\temp\ c:\temp\temp.cram

This command will extract the contents of temp.cram to c:\cram\temp\ Create a .cram file:

c:\cramfs\bin>mkcramfs c:\cram\contents temp.cram

This command will create temp.cram file.

Note: use -h option for help for both commands.



  1. hi ,

    thanks for your informations.
    i have downloaded the cygwin.then i downloaded the cramfs and paste it at the c:\cygwin\bin

    but as i use the commands it sends an error report.can you help me please

  2. Hi m606,

    Once you installed cygwin, you please download the cramfs-1.1-1.tar.bz2 and extract the contents to separate location (not into c:/cygwin/) may be like this c:\cramfs\

    Then run the command from c:\cramfs\bin

    I think if you share more detail about the error then that would be easy.

  3. hi again,

    ok i did as below:

    1)i downloaded the cramfs-1.1-1.tar.bz2 from the link(26 KB)

    2)i extracted the cramfs-1.1-1.tar.bz2 at the drive D:/123/cramfs-1.1-1

    3)i clicked on the cyqwin site link and at the page i clicked install cygwin now

    4)it downloaded a file with name of setup.exe (about 600 KB)

    5)i clicked setup.exe and at the opened window i ticked install from internet

    6)at choose programs too install window i clicked cramfs to dwonload and install too.

    now when i click the cramfsck.exe at the file D:/123/cramfs-1.1-1/usr/bin/cramfsck.exe

    it opens a window for entering commands and an error message :
    “this application has failed to start because cygwin1.dll was not the application may fix this problem.”

    see the picture here:

    i tried the cygwin icon too,it opened the command window with no error.then i tried the commands you have explained here.
    i typed : cramfsck and then clicked enter

    it showed the help correctly as you see at the picture below

    the i tried the command :
    cramfsck -x c:\opt\ c:\new_opt.300.img

    and i get an error again: no such file or directory

    at the picture you can see the files are at c and the address is correct.

    picture here:

    what should i do now?

  4. As of now I can see that cramfs is already included in the Cygwin distribution. And it works.

    • Hi Mr. Shahar Or, Thanks for your comment, I wrote this long back, I will update it soon. – Prabhu

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