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Ashada month (Aadi) plays a great role with marriage related issues, I can see there is a general saying that during the month, newly married couple should not stay together and daughter in law and mother in law should not stay in same house, etc

Ok fine, these are the following reasons given by many people, who try to give some strength to this belief:

1, If newly married couple stay together in this month then the possibility of  child’s birth might take place during summer, so it causes health issues for the mother and child.

2, During Ashadam the gods goes to sleep according to Uttharayana and Dhakshinayana theory, so since they are not in active mood, the marriage may not be blessed by gods.

3, During Ashada, weather is too windy. Olden days any auspicious events used to take place in a open space. Blowing wind would lit the lamps off, or would bring the dust along its blow and may spoil the food prepared in open space.
Yagna, Yagas and Homas would be difficult with the blowing wind hence our sages restricted any such events during these 30 days.

Fine, here are few points from my point of view:

If we think the logic 1 is valid, then:

  • Summer is a 3 month period and summer heat varies from region to region, so even avoiding ashada month, child may born in April or May, so these two months are still peak summer in many places, so this seems not valid reason.
  • Older days when there were not enough medical facilities like now, so people might considered it seriously to handle summer.

If we take 2nd logic valid, then:

  • Gods goes to sleep for 6 months, so avoiding one month I am not sure what we can achieve, also god sleeps or going on vacation still he protects his bhaktas at any time and at any condition, so this is completely funny reason.
  • Everyday in temples we can see the last seva for the lord happens to be the Ekanta Seva, the seva before god goes to sleep, basically in tradition we see god as a relationship, so we take care of him just like we serve our own mother or father, so god sleeping in night is just our own belief, but god never sleeps, the explanation of Anantha Sayana of Anantha Padmanabha Swamy is not that he sleeps but he is in divine sleep (Yoga Sadana) in which he actually directs the universe to function.

If we take 3rd logic valid, then:

  • Very simple, we can ignore this as infrastructure now are much better then older days, so no need to worry about this.

Another interesting note:

Note: This section is not my own view but a fact I heard so don’t consider as racism

During old days becoming administrator under king, like ministers, administrators, etc (now simply government jobs), was considered most noble and very powerful (this is true even now), so according to vedic astrology a in a person’s horoscope sun placed in Aries sign considered the planet’s exalted position, so belief is that a person’s horoscope with a strong sun’s placement considered he/she will get into government job or service, so people belonging to few communities (in that era only few particular communities had knowledge of astrology) started spreading roomers to other community people to avoid them getting married or staying together but they preferably used to perform marriages in this particular month. Anyhow I am not sure how much truth behind this factor but still this point is logical.

But in my opinion the belief of Aadi/Ashadam as an inauspicious month is not true, it’s just like any other month, also we have to note that only the first year of the aadi/ashadam married couples need to be separated so I hope this is nothing to do with marriages or any good works.

Please comment your opinion.





  1. ” additionally Kannada and Telugu speaking people claims that daughter in law and mother in law should not stay in same house. ”

    I just want to simplify the above statement : ” daughter in law and mother in law should not stay in same house. “

    • Corrected, thanks dude 🙂

  2. I strongly agree with you Mr.Prabhu.There is nothing like auspicious and auspicious months.Everything is in our tought and how we see and percieve things.Beautiful Explanation given.Our people should understand the reason behind what they do and practice that which makes sense.

    • Yes, people should understand these, even some people goes to a level where they don’t even initiate marriage talks in this month. Thanks for your visit and comment 🙂

  3. Good thoughts on marriage.. How abt house construction..

    • In my opinion construction or any other works like opening a new business, etc will never have any bad effects by doing it in Aadi month, all the practices were created long back depending on that time’s situation, since this month is windy and rainy in south India may be those days they were unable to do any outdoor work. now it doesn’t matter.

  4. I can elaborate on your point 2 – the “uttarayana / dakshinayana theory”.

    In Hindu tradition, the north celestial sphere is consecrated to the gods and the south celestial sphere to the pitrus (this is tradition not science). Hence the south celestial sphere is “pitruloka” or “yamaoka” (since the pitrus are by definition, dear departed and are in teh hands of Yama, the god of death). Yama, i.e. death, scares all of us, hence the tag of “inauspicious” associated with the south celestial sphere.

    By extension, the six month period when the sun is in the north celestial sphere (“devayana”) is the “day of the gods” (i.e. the sun is shining on the gods) and the other six months (“pitrayana”) is the night of the gods [you can visualise this by imagining yourself as a god living in the North Pole; they you have six months of daylight and six months of night, right?].

    Switching to science, Astronomy 101 tells us that devayana has to start with vernal equinox (Mar 20) and pitrayana with autumnal equinox (Sep 21). This was the original “devayana/pitrayana” theory some 2000 years back.

    Somewhere along the way, devayana/pitrayana were replaced by uttarayana/ dakshinayana (starting with winter solstice and summer solstice respectively). Trouble is, now the “day of the gods” does not make complete sense. For three month after dakshinayana starts, the sun is still in the north celestical sphere and shining on the gods (albeit with decreasing brightness)!

    End of the day, these are beliefs and one is free to believe anything but our ancestors had an elegant and logical astronomical framework underpinning their beliefs. We have gone and broken that now.

    You are right in saying the entire six months should be inauspicious and not just one month. In one legend this too is maintained: Bhishma waited for Uttarayana (or did he wait for devayana?) to start before he have up his life. But in general six month long inauspicious period will simply be too inconvenient I guess?

    • Mr. Kishore Kumar,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, the same point I raised, since a complete month is halted for no logical reasons, it’s everyone’s personal wish to believe something, but this belief halts a whole month from doing many things, including business opening, marriage talks, buying properties, etc, that’s why I highlighted the issue.

      Thanks for visiting,

        • Anonymous
        • Posted July 4, 2015 at 11:23 pm
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        Thanks 4r ur wonderful thought sir.i have a doubt.people says that there is 2 types of adi is adhika ashadam n other is nija ashadam.can people b able to do marriage in nija ashadam.pls tell me

        • Prabhu Raja
        • Posted July 5, 2015 at 6:40 pm
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        Thank you for your comment, Adhika ashadam occurs in only lunar calendar (Chandramana Calendar) fundamentally it follows moon’s path so moon orbits earth every 27 days, so that a new month added in couple of years cycle, just like our leap year concept, but the sun’s movement is very important in order to make any sense with marriages, so I believe we can do marriages on Adhika Ashadam or Nija Ashadam it shouldn’t be any problems, again this subjects to individual opinions, please refer the below link for getting idea on Adhika Masam.


  6. I suppose the people engaged in agriculture will be having more work in aashada. So our elders were not conducting any family functions including marriage thinking that it may hinder field work. New couples are tend to spend more time with each other & due to this they may not be interested in doing work in the fields. This could be the reason for making them to stay away from each other.

    • Thanks for your comment, your point valid, but may be now it’s irrelevant.

    • One of the best reasons

  7. It is so nice to finally read how ILLogical some behavior that continue are! All days are auspicious. All birth is sacred!
    When we start to bias ourselves with thoughts of when a marriage should occur and when it should not, why in-laws should not be with daughter-in-law etc, it perpetuates negativity that breeds in our culture! What happens to the children who are born the second six months of the year? Are they deaf, mute, senseless human beings? There was a lot of thought behind the traditions and rituals based on circumstances in the days of yore, But nowadays, with concrete structures, electronic lifestyles, the good, positive, kind thoughts and compassion and TriKaarana shuddhi OR unity in thought, word and deed is the key.Instead we think something, speak something else and act completely different from our thoughts / words! Mother in law should treat daughter in law as a daughter and not a servant. Same way, daughter in law needs to understand if a mother in law is insecure and try to resolve the issue. Son, instead of helplessly walking away, should support his wife and mother based on the situation . After all, the son has his whole family PLUS a wife now. The wife is alone in a new house often a new place and culture and she should be loved and supported and made to feel as belonging to the new family that she has acquired. That to me is more important than the month and day of a marriage. Has anyone done research of marriages performed on a so-called optimum and perfectly aligned day versus marriages during Ashada maasa and documented the success of the marriage? Perhaps the results of that research, will help remove these age-old beliefs that often break a great marriage because someone’s loose tongue wags about the inauspicious day and therefore a doomed marriage from the start! Thank you Sir for this site.

    • Rightly said, any religion or culture which is not moderating itself by time to time will remain backward.

      • SURESH Venkataraman
      • Posted April 24, 2016 at 10:32 am
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      Current day daughter-in-laws do not want to stay with mother-in-law in same house not only during Aadi/Aashda but entire year.

        • Anonymous
        • Posted June 7, 2016 at 11:00 pm
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        This is the best one

        • Bharani
        • Posted July 18, 2016 at 6:29 pm
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        Lol.Mother in law was once a daughter in law.

  8. Hi I don’t know is it correct or not my opening is,for newly married couple if there is a restriction to living together, there will be love and affection due to gap maintained for few days.

  9. Nice Prabhu ji but if we not listening what parent’s said they will always blame in lyf long. But nice information u gave us

    • Thanks Nani, if we listen also 🙂

  10. Well said

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