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Description: Subversion helps developers to tag a revision it is just like a snapshot of a development state

It’s good practice to have repository structure like the following.

Project/			-	Root directory
	branches/		-	to enable separate development line, read branching
	tags/			-	Labeling any state
	trunk/			-	Current active version

Step 1:

Select all files into the Smart SVN interface then select Modify –> Copy Repository to Repository.


Step 2:


Done, now the copy will be reflected in /project/tags/dec-31.




1. “Tagging” in Subversion is just a copy of a revision/state.
2. Subversion doesn’t copy the entire revision physically, it’s like hard link concept in UNIX.
So no need to worry about creating any number of tags.
3. Steps described here to create a Tag from Repository to Repository, in the same way
Local copy to repository also can be created using Modify –> Copy Local to Repository.

This example shown using SmartSVN client